Student Account Information

Upon registration, all tuition and registration fees must be paid in full to secure classes. Alternatively, classes may also be secured with confirmed financial aid, enrollment in a payment plan through Delgado’s contracted vendor, or by having an exemption or contract applied to the account. Classes that remain unsecured by the established due dates published in the Student Handbook are subject to being deleted for non-payment.

Payment Deadlines

Fall 2018 Semester - Payment Deadlines

Payment in full or other arrangements to secure classes must be made as follows:

  • Regular registration deadline - August 10, 2018, by 3 p.m. in person or by August 12, 2018, by 12 noon if paying online
  • Late registration deadline #1 - August 17, 2018, by 4 p.m. in person or by August 19, 2018, by 12 noon if paying online
  • Last registration deadline #2 - August 24, 2018, by 4 p.m. in person or by August 26, 2018, by 12 noon if paying online
  • Close of business each day in person or by 8 p.m. if paying online after August 26 - 31
  • Final Census payment deadline - September 4, 2018, at 2 p.m
  • Term B payment deadline - October 3, 2018, by 12 noon
  • Term B Late Registration payment deadline - October 12, 2018, by 12 noon

LoLA Account Information

LoLA (Log On Louisiana) is the online tool that allows students completely manage their college career. LoLA is students’ 24/7, one stop resource for the upcoming semester.  Students can use LoLA to manage their entire student record, including student account management.  

To access LoLA Student Accounts:

  • Login to LoLA – Sign in with user name and password.
  • Under the Self Service Section, Click on Delgado Community College (Do not click on the tabs at the top).
  • Click on Student and then Student Account. There students will be able to:
    • View Account Summary and Account Detail for Term.
    • View 1098T Tax Notification.
    • View Active Holds.
    • Payment Processing - This will direct students to the online payment gateway that allows students to view account balances, make online payments, enroll in a payment plan, view eBills, and set up a parent PIN.
    • Select a Refund Choice.

Billing Statements

Delgado does not mail registration bills or account statements. Electronic bills are provided to students with student account balances. This eBill can be used as proof of enrollment or for employer reimbursement programs. 

Electronic statement notifications are delivered to the student's preferred e-mail and to authorized users that have been established by the student. Transactions that occur after the eBill date will not be reflected.

Dishonored or Returned Payments

A NSF Fee will be assessed for all dishonored checks. The fee is $25 or five percent of the amount of the returned check, whichever is greater. 

Online dishonored credit card or ACH payments will be charged a fee in the amount of $25.00 which must be paid directly to the online service provider, CashNet. Students that make dishonored online payments may lose the privilege and convenience to pay online, including the eligibility to enroll in the payment plan.

Deliquent Accounts/Violation of Payment Deadlines

Any balance remaining after published payment deadlines (but before classes are removed from the system) may cause a $30 non-refundable deferment fee to be assessed to the student’s account. If a student has any outstanding balance, Delgado reserves the right to withhold future services including but not limited to registration, transcript requests, issuing diplomas, use of facilities, and other services as deemed appropriate by the College. 

Failure to honor payment plan dates or pay any balance in full by the end of the term may result in the account being placed with the State of Louisiana Attorney General’s Office or another outside agency for collection. Students will be responsible for all collection and/or legal fees associated with accounts placed for collection.