Internal/Department Policies and Procedures

BAA-A01 - Petty Cash Funds Policies and Procedures

BAA-A02 - Controller's Office: Cash Handling Procedures

BAA-A03 - Student Organization Off-Campus Bank Accounts

BAA-A04 - Identity Theft Prevention Program

BAA-A05 - Controller's Office: Cashier's Shortages and Overages

BAA-C01 - Unclaimed Property

BAA-D01 - Accounts Receivable and Collection Procedures

BAA-D02 - Temporary Override of Student Collection Credit Holds for Non-Credit Third-Party Billing

BAA-E01 - Mobile/Electronic Messaging Devices

BAA-E02 - Accounts Payable Procedures

BAA-F02 - Travel Card/Controlled Billed Account (CBA) Policy

BAA-F03 - Athletic Travel

BAA-G02 - Tuition and Fee Waivers for Active City of New Orleans Police Officers and Firefighters

BAA-G03 - Tuition Increase/Fee Hardship Appeals

BAA-G04 - Tuition and Fee Adjustment Schedule Guidelines

BAA-K01 - Direct Deposit of Biweekly Net Pay

BAA-K02 - Payroll Procedures

BAA-L01 - Procedures for Ensuring Civil Service Certification & Internal Control

BAA-L03 - Probational Classified Appointment in Lieu of Promotion

BAA-L04 - Optional Pay Adjustments for Classified Service Employees

BAA-L06 - Probationary Period for Non-Permanent Classified Employees

BAA-L07 - Extraordinary Qualifications/Credentials

BAA-L08 - Classified Employees Grievance Procedures

BAA-L09 - Overtime Compensation for Commissioned Police Officers in the Classified Service

--- Memorandum: Overtime Compensation for Police Officers Effective 4/14/14

BAA-L10 - Overtime Compensation for Employees in the Classified Service

--- Memorandum: Overtime Compensation for Employees in the Classified Service Effective 9/29/14

BAA-L11 - Overtime Compensation for FLSA Non-Exempt Unclassified Employees

--- Memorandum: Overtime Compensation for FLSA Non-Exempt Unclassified Employees Effective 8/1/16

BAA-L50 - Human Resources System (HRS) Employee Categories

BAA-001 - Procedures for Reconciling Movable Property per Property Control to Financial System

BAA-Q01 - Procedures for Handling Card Access System Malfunction

BAA-T01 - Mail Room Services Policy

---- Mail Room Services Procedures

BAA-Y01 - Transitional Return to Work Plan

BAA-Y02 - Animals on Campus

BAA-Y03 - Harmful Substance Exposure Prevention Program

CP-001 - City Park Campus Health Services Office Guidelines and Emergency Procedures

FA-001 - Process for Awarding Scholarships and Tuition Waivers/Discounts

IA-01 - Process for Awarding Power of One Internal Giving Campaign Grants

IA-02 Accessibility of Content Delivered Electronically

IT-1370.4 - Delgado Information Technology Security Policy

POL-01 - Banning Persons from College Property

SA-001 - Procedures for Posting Flyers and Posters on Student Life Bulletin Boards

---- Regulations for Posting Flyers and Posters on Delgado Campuses and Sites (Excluding Charity Campus)

---- Regulations for Posting Flyers and Posters on Charity School of Nursing Campus

SA-002 - Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Awareness Program

SA-003 - Distribution of Materials on Delgado Campuses and Sites

SA-004 - Chalking on College Property

WFD-001 - Payments and Refunds for Workforce Development & Technical Education Non-Credit Courses

Massage Therapy Program Clinical Procedures

Memorandum Directives

Directive Regarding Contracts and Timesheets

Directive Regarding Personal Printer Acquisition and Usage

Directive Regarding Property Location Supervisors Training