Human Resources Policies

Policies related to human resources, employment, and personnel operations

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Policies and Procedures Memoranda

HR-1412.2D - Employee Tuition Exemption/Reduction Program

HR-1660.1 - Charter: Delgado Unclassified Professional Association

HR-1660.2 - Charter: Delgado Classified Employees Association

HR-2100.3 - Employee Handbook

HR-2122.5 - Employment Process

HR-2130.1 - Civil Service Appointing Authority, Certification and Internal Control

HR-2320.1 - Salary Adjustments for Advanced Study

HR-2320.3A - Classified Staff Awards & Recognition Program

HR-2410.1C - Compensatory Leave for FLSA Exempt Non-Teaching Unclassified Employees

Overtime Compensation for Employees in the Classified Service (BAA-L10)

--- Overtime Compensation for Classified Employees Effective 9-29-14

Overtime Compensation for Commissioned Police Officers in the Classified Service (BAA-L09)

--- Overtime Compensation for Commissioned Police Officers Effective 4-14-14

Overtime Compensation for FLSA Non-Exempt Unclassified Employees (BAA-L11)

--- Overtime Compensation for FLSA Non-Exempt Unclassified Employees Effective 8-1-16

HR-2533.1 - Record Searches for Employment Purposes

HR-2532.1 - Employee Drug Testing

HR-2534.2 - Grievance Procedures for Unclassified Administrators and Staff

HR-4310.3A - Responsible Employee Use of Alcohol at College Functions

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Discrimination Policy

Persons with Disabilities Policy

Workplace Violence Policy

Transitional Return to Work Plan

Related Directive

Directive Regarding Employee Contracts and Timesheets

LCTCS Related Policies

LCTCS Policy 2.015 - Campus Sexual Misconduct

LCTCS Policy 5.024 - Recoupment of Overpayments

LCTCS Policy 5.027 - LCTCS Rewards and Recognition Program

LCTCS Policy 6.003 - Leave Record Establishment & Regulations for Unclassified, Non-Civil Service Employees

LCTCS Policy 6.008 - Consensual Relationships

LCTCS Policy 6.009 - Nepotism

LCTCS Policy 6.010 - Performance Evaluations and Salary Increases

LCTCS Policy 6.011 - Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation

LCTCS Policy 6.014 - Discipline for All Employees

LCTCS Policy 6.015 - Grievance - For All Employees

LCTCS Policy 6.016 - Employment Relationship for All Employees

LCTCS Policy 6.018 - Outside Employment of LCTCS Employees

LCTCS Policy 6.019 - Engagement in Political Activity

LCTCS Policy 6.022 - Equal Opportunity

LCTCS Policy 6.025 - Code of Conduct

LCTCS Policy 6.026 - Financial Exigency/Reduction in Force

LCTCS Policy 6.028 - Holidays for All Employees

LCTCS Policy 6.030 - Drug Free Workplace

LCTCS Policy 6.032 - Policy on the Recruitment and Hiring Process

LCTCS Policy 6.037 - Tuition and Fee Exemption for Full-Time Employees

LCTCS Policy 6.039 - Employee, Child or Dependent, and Spouse Tuition Reduction

LCTCS Policy 6.041 - Family and Medical Leave for All Employees

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