Safety Policies

Policies related to public safety, protection of resources, and risk management

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Policy and Procedures Memoranda

SF-1331.1E - Parking and Driving Regulations

SF-1352.1F - Management and Control of State Property

--- Property Management and Control Procedures

SF-1370.1A - Access Control Procedures

SF-1370.2 - Comprehensive Safety Program

SF-1370.3D - Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery

SF-1373.1C - Work Environment Safety Program

--- Harmful Substance Exposure Prevention Program

---  Accident/Incident Reporting Route

---  Glass Claim Incident Reporting Procedure

---  Transitional Return to Work Plan

---  Technical Division Safety Program (as per SF-1373.1C)

---  Animals on Campus

SF-1373.3A - Control of Hazardous Materials

SF-1373.5D - Tobacco-Free College (effective August 1, 2014)

SF-1373.6 - Bloodborne Pathogens: Exposure Control Plan

SF-1373.7 - Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program

SF-1382.1A - Driver Safety Program

SF-1733.1A - Violence in the Workplace

--- Violent Incident Reporting Route

SF-2530.1A - Drug-Free College

Related Policies

BAA-Y01 - Transitional Return to Work Plan

BAA-Y02 - Animals on Campus

BAA-Y03 - Harmful Substance Exposure Prevention Program

AA-2610.1 - Emergency Care for Injured Allied Health and Nursing Practicum Students

POL-01 - Banning Persons from College Property

Classroom Disruption Procedures

Behavioral Intervention Team Procedures

Title IX

Weapons on Campus Policy (as published in Student Handbook and College Catalog)

Related LCTCS Policy

LCTCS Policy 6.030 - Drug Free Workplace

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