Student Policies

Policies related to students, student development, activities, and student-related operations

Policy and Procedures Memoranda 

SA-1430.1B - Administration of Educational and Professional Contract Tests

SA-1431.2 - Career Development Services

SA-1442.2B - Student Records

SA-1448.1D - Student Judicial Code - Rights, Responsibilities, and Disciplinary Procedures

--- Student Judicial Procedures

--- Classroom Disruption Procedures

--- Behavioral Intervention Team Procedures

SA-1462.1 - Student Employment Services

SA-1465.1 - Health Services

SA-1476.1A - Veterans Affairs

SA-1470.1C - Student Organizations

SA-1471.1E - Student Government Associations

SA-1472.1A - Athletic Events

SA-1472.2A - Athletic Department Grievance Procedures

SA-1475.1C - Alcoholic Beverages at Student Functions

SA-1476.1 - Student Media

SA-1478.1 - Student Representation on Committees

SA-1479.1 - Hazing

SA-1480.1 - Limitation of Solicitation of Students by Credit Card Issuers

SA-1626.1D - Charter: Committee on Scholarships and Financial Assistance

SA-1632.1 - Charter: Committee on Athletics

SA-1640.3 - Charter: Committee on Special Needs and Health Services

SA-1640.4 - Charter: Committee on College Campus Ministry

SA-1640.5 - Charter: Committee on Student Organizations and Activities

SA-1837.1B - Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) Fee Proposals

SA-2530.2A - Student Grievance Procedures

LCTCS Related Policies

LCTCS Policy 2.005 - Student Organizations

LCTCS Policy 2.004 - Student Conduct and Appeal Procedures

LCTCS Policy 2.011 - Financial Aid Code of Conduct

LCTCS Policy 2.015 - Campus Sexual Misconduct

Board of Regents Policies

Uniformed Service Mobilization Policy

Uniform Unplanned Pregnancies Policy

--- Board of Regents Unplanned Pregnancies

--- Delgado Title IX Resources - Unplanned Pregnancies

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