First Day Books

What is First Day Books?

First Day Books is online access to the digital course materials for your class integrated directly into your course. Materials are available to you on the first day of class. When you access your class, you have access to the Course Materials Link. You will not need to visit the bookstore for your course. Costs for course materials are included in tuition and fees.frist day books icon

Benefits of this program

  • Course materials are ready to go on day one
  • You don’t need to go to the bookstore online or in person – materials are linked to your course in Canvas
  • Materials are deeply discounted at the lowest price available
  • No code needed
  • You can purchase paper versions of materials for a nominal fee (online and paper versions are cheaper than traditional textbooks)
  • You can access your materials anywhere you have internet access, or download as a PDF
  • Option to opt-out prior to 100% tuition adjustment date (see schedule)

What does it mean if I opt-out?

  • You will not have access to homework assignments (must purchase code from bookstore)
  • You must purchase textbook and homework access code at retail price (First Day Books offers lowest possible price)

How do I access my First Day Books for my class?

  1. Log in to your course on Canvas
  2. Select the Course Materials Link
  3. Begin accessing your materials