Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) Exam

Delgado Community College requires an entrance exam for students applying to the Registered Nursing Program, the Practical Nursing Program, and the Surgical Technology program.  The Office of Advising & Testing administers a standardized assessment, the Health Education Systems Inc. (HESI) A2 exam.  Test scores are valid for three years and the exam may be repeated as many times as students would like.

Who needs this test?

  • All students applying to the Registered Nursing Associate’s Degree Program
  • All students applying to the Practical Nursing Technical Diploma Program
  • All students applying to the Surgical Technology Certificate of Technical Studies Program

What subjects are covered on the test?

  • Registered Nursing and Surgical Technology (exam time: 5 hours) – Math, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Practical Nursing (exam time: 5 hours) – Math, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Biology.

Which Delgado locations offer this test?

The HESI Exam is offered at the City Park and West Bank Campuses and the Sidney Collier Learning Site.

Note: Delgado Charity School of Nursing is not a testing site. Additional testing centers are listed below.

Additional (Non-Delgado) HESI Exam Sites (Prometric Testing Centers)

2424 Edenborn Avenue, Suite 190
Metairie, LA 70001
(504) 834-2155

4354 Sherwood Forest Blvd, Suite D-220
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
(225) 293-8693

For more information, visit Prometric's website or call the following numbers:

  • Scheduling department - (800) 481-6457
  • General information - (800) 222-9570

What’s the cost of the test?

There is a $60 non-refundable fee for the HESI.  The fee must be paid prior to testing.

Are there study/preparation materials?

The HESI study guide is available for purchase at the Delgado bookstore and online at  There is also a HESI Exam Prep App available in your app store.

What are the minimum scores that I need to attain to be considered for the various programs?

  • Registered Nursing – Composite score of 70% or greater
  • Practical Nursing – Composite score of 65% or greater
  • Surgical Technology – Composite score of 70% or greater

How do I check available dates and sign up for the HESI exam?

Visit the HESI Schedule page for more information.

What happens after I test?

Students will be given the results of their exam immediately after testing.  All HESI examinees are responsible for turning in a copy of their scores with their application package and must check with Delgado Charity School of Nursing to receive all proper information and guidelines for admission into their chosen program. The testing department does not advise candidates of their status with the program of their interest.

Contact Us

City Park Campus
Building 2, Room 302
(504) 671-5080

West Bank Campus
LaRocca Hall, Room 303
(504) 762-3198

Sidney Collier Site
Building 3, Room 117A
(504) 941-8526

Admissions applications must be submitted prior to assessment. 

No personal items, including but not limited to, mobile phones, hand-held computers/personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other electronic devices, pagers, smart watches, purses, firearms or other weapons, hats (and other non-religious head coverings), bags, books, and/or notes are allowed in the testing rooms. You must store all personal items in a secure area as indicated by the Testing Center staff or return them to your vehicle. If you refuse to store your personal items, you will be unable to test. 

The only things you are required to have on test day are your completed application, two photo ID’s, and a non-programmable calculator.