Culinary Arts Associate Degree Program

A Delgado culinary arts student cuts an onion.

Earn your associate degree in Culinary Arts and choose between two concentrations:

  • Professional Culinarian
  • Baking and Pastry Arts

Program Outcomes

After completing the Culinary Arts, A.A.S. degree, our graduates are able to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Food preparation skills necessary for a variety of culinary operations.
  • Organizational skills in planning and documenting food production activities and the ability to implement and maintain cost and quality controls to meet operational goals of the various service areas.
  • Emerging management skills including leadership necessary for building and maintaining a food service team.
  • Effective communication skills integral to maintaining rapport with both co-workers and customers.
  • Skills necessary to train entry-level food service employees.
  • Problem-solving skills essential to successful employment.
  • Apply knowledge of culinary math, written & oral communication, restaurant business knowledge, kitchen supervision, and cooking abilities.

Concentration Choices

Students in the Culinary Arts Associate Degree program may choose between two concentrations: Professional Culinarian and Pastry Arts.

Professional Culinarian Concentration

Designed to prepare students for a successful career in food preparation and management in the food industry, this concentration can be applied to many aspects of the professional kitchen including restaurant or hotel chef, catering professional, institutional foodservice food production and many more. 


Pastry Arts Concentration

The concentration in Pastry Arts serves students seeking occupations in hotels, restaurants, pastry shops, and in-store and individually owned bakeries. The concentration is designed to provide trained professionals for entry-level positions in the baking/pastry industry.