Meet Our Coaches

writing center coach alex


Alex is a graduate of The University of New Orleans Creative Writing Workshop, where he studied fiction. His stories and essays have been published in Hobart, Expat Press, and others. Originally from the Midwest, his writing has also been included in a forthcoming anthology from the Wisconsin Historical Society. He’s passionate about the many mediums of storytelling from film and television to games and interactive fiction. When he’s not writing, Alex enjoys producing electronic music, a hobby he’s had for over a decade. 

writing center coach ann


Ann is a writer and producer. She has a BA in Art History from New York University and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Orleans. Her work has been featured in the Times-Picayune, the Shreveport Times, Pelican Bomb, and BURNAWAY.

writring center coach brian


Brian is fluent in Spanish and is also a Creative Writing Workshop MFA student in Screenwriting at the University of New Orleans. He loves to wax poetic about movies and comic books, and believes good writing can set you free, helping you better navigate the world. Brian is a big fan of story structure and also an avid NPR listener.

writing coach cameron


Cameron is a graduate of the Creative Writing Workshop at the University of New Orleans, where she studied fiction. She is a professional writer, educator, and editor; a part time short story-writer, and a full time West-Banker. She believes that most things in life boil down to communication, and that writing is one of the greatest ways we can learn to express ourselves.

writring center coach christina


Chris has taught college-level literature and writing in North Carolina, where she received her Ph.D., and locally at Tulane, SUNO, and Delgado. She also taught high school English for ten years in the New Orleans public schools. As a coach, she enjoys the opportunity to work extensively with students one-on-one as they journey to become self-aware and successful readers and writers.

writing center coach donna


Donna has worked at the Writing Center for three years and is particularly expert in working with ELL students. She is a published writer, researcher, former high school English teacher, and college instructor with years of experience teaching and coaching writing. She enjoys seeing students' writing improve over time and the feeling students get when they experience academic success. She wants every student she coaches to win in life and at college.

writing coach elle


Elle is an English Instructor at Delgado Community College. Her writing has been published in Kenyon Review, The Appalachian Review, and others. She enjoys brainstorming, re-structuring, and re-organizing until the final product is like a work of art. 

writing center coach isabelle


Isabelle is bilingual in French and English and has lived in New Orleans for 16 years. She has an MA in English from UNO. In addition to coaching at the Writing Center at Delgado, she teaches Verbal Reasoning for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) at Xavier University. Currently, she is writing a book, due for publication in 2021, about her experiences teaching incarcerated men and women in Orleans Parish Prison.

writing center coach julian


Julian is a New Orleans native who, when not working on music or film, spends his time photographing the city he calls home and its wonderful inhabitants. He received his BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi. Being passionate about the arts, Julian has been involved in several film productions here in New Orleans, both as an actor, as well as a Production Assistant. Julian believes that artistic expression in all its forms, combined with education, are enough to save the world.

writring center coach liz


Kamisha has been working at the Westbank Delgado Learning Resource Center for 10 years. She has a Bachelors of Arts in English from Dillard University and a Masters of Science in Counseling from Capella University. She is an educator in the public-school system and enjoys working with youth getting them prepared for the next level of their academic journey. Kamisha also loves working with the students at the LRC and witnessing their enthusiasm about becoming better writers and developing a liking for English Composition and Literature.

writring center coach liz


Liz graduated from the University of New Orleans with an MFA in Creative Writing, concentration in creative nonfiction. She has twelve years of teaching experience, including high school special education, ELL adult education, as well as rhetoric and composition. She is working on her first book, a memoir, which will be published in spring of 2021.


writring center coach lizzie


Lizzie is a writer and director born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and raised in New Orleans. Lizzie speaks fluent Spanish and has a B.A. in Photojournalism from Loyola University, New Orleans. She is an alumnus of the New Orleans Film Festival's Emerging Voices workshop, where she developed her series Token Empire with Co-creator Darren O'Brien. Her short film, Sonnet 95, re-imagined the Shakespeare sonnet as a 1940’s noir featuring an all-African American cast, made in collaboration with The New York Shakespeare Exchange. Lizzie is also the Creative Director of the Artisan Bryan Bakery blog, which won a 2019 Saveur Blog award. 


writring center coach morgan


Morgan is a recent graduate of Howard University where he studied Journalism and English. He has a passion for storytelling and enjoys film. While at Howard, Morgan was Editor-in-Chief of his Capstone class publication, a member of the Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporters and completed an honors thesis on the media coverage of the protests of Muhammad Ali and Colin Kaepernick.

writing coach missy


Missy has worn many hats, some with feathers: news photographer and writer, non-profit director, radio personality, and academic administrator, spending some 13 years as manager of the Music Department at UNO. By night she is The Dominatrix of the Blues, playing jazz, blues, and R & B on WWOZ-FM.  Her award-winning essays on nature, family, and music have been published in several literary journals, and she was a contributing author to “Voices Rising: The Katrina Narrative Project.” 

writring center coach robert


Robert is a Louisiana certified English teacher with almost 5 years of experience in the Delgado Writing Center. He is also a writer and editor for Antigravity Magazine, a small New Orleans alternative-culture publication. As an educator, Robert believes that education is about guiding students toward their strengths and harnessing that in the context of their education to build their confidence.

writring center coach teo


Téo is a recent graduate of The University of New Orleans Creative Writing Workshop, with a focus in nonfiction writing where they served as the associate nonfiction editor of Bayou Magazine. They were adopted from Brazil as an infant and raised in southern Vermont. Coming out as a transmasculine significantly changed how they consider the self and shaped much of their writing. They have published works of fiction in Crab Fat Magazine and Paragon Journal and poetry in the St. Lawrence University Magazine, The Laurentian Magazine, and Tiny Seeds Journal. Most recently, Téo published an essay to HerStry Magazine and blog.