Single Stop

What is Single Stop?

Delgado Community College has partnered with Single Stop USA, a non-profit organization, to create a "One Stop Shop" for students to get connected to resources that will help keep them in school. The idea is to have a place where students can go to get screened for multiple government benefits and local community resources, receive assistance in accessing those benefits, and follow-up to see if they have in fact received the benefits they are eligible for. Single Stop staff use a specially designed technology known as BEN (Benefits Enrollment Network) to do rapid screenings for benefits, and then assist students in applying for those benefits. All of our services are FREE for Delgado students and their families.


Free Benefits Screening

Single Stop staff determines which public benefits a student or family member is eligible for and helps them apply for benefits like SNAP (Food Stamps), Child Care Assistance, Medicaid, etc.

Free Tax Preparation Services

Students and family members can meet with an IRS-Certified tax preparer and have their taxes prepared free of charge. Tax preparers will determine if students and family members are eligible to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit, American Opportunity Credit, or Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. Students may then apply for FAFSA once taxes are completed!

Free Financial Counseling

Single Stop provides financial advice and helps students and their family members to establish or repair credit. On-site financial counselors help families to address debt issues and improve budget management skills, access free credit reports, and learn to build assets

Free Legal Assistance

Our on-site lawyer helps students and family members handle notarizations, disability claims, tax controversies, unemployment benefit denials, housing issues, discrimination issues, food stamp denials, consumer issues and other legal problems. Referrals and legal counseling available at no cost!

Contact and Location

Call (504) 671-6563 or email us at

Single Stop Office: Building 2, East Room 108A

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Make a Donation to Single Stop

The funds received from donations will assist with general Single Stop operations that connect students with the resources they need.