How to Start Classes Right on Day 1

More information regarding the Enrollment Process can be found in the student handbook.

  1. Purchase Books at the Campus Bookstore with your printed schedule or online. 
  2. Download the Delgado App to access emailCanvas (online classroom), and many other resources.
  3. Register your vehicle with Campus Police and obtain a parking decal. For details, visit the parking information page.
  4. Get a Delgado ID card from the ID card office.
    • New students can receive their ID card 48 hours after securing classes. If you lose your ID, there is a $10.00 replacement fee payable to the Bursar’s Office.
    • Student ID's are available after the first payment deadline to those student's whose classes are secured.
  5. Make your refund selection at
    • Personal codes are received in bright green envelops through the mail between the first and 14th day of school. Learn more about the refund process.