Fast Facts About Delgado


Founded in 1921, Delgado is Greater New Orleans’ largest higher education institution and Louisiana’s oldest and largest community college. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and by industry organizations, Delgado provides students with the most comprehensive array of education and training services available in the Greater New Orleans region.

Delgado has transfer articulation agreements with most of the state’s four-year colleges and universities that allow students wishing to pursue higher degrees to easily transfer credits into baccalaureate programs.

The college’s 35 associate degree programs; 73 certificate, technical competency area, and technical diploma programs; and more than 100 non-credit courses enable Delgado to meet the needs of every type of student, regardless of entry point, educational goal, or career aspiration.

Some of the college’s largest programs include nursing, general studies and general science, business and management, accounting, radiologic technology, English as a second language, criminal justice, computer information technology, culinary arts, teaching grades 1-5, HVAC, automotive, welding, and electrician.

Delgado locations include the City Park Campus, West Bank Campus, Charity School of Nursing, Jefferson Site, Sidney Collier Site, River City Site and the Maritime Industrial Training Center. Delgado is also a workforce development partner in the Jefferson Business and Career Solutions Center in Gretna.


Fall 2005: 17,398

Spring 2006: 10,002

Fall 2006: 11,927

Spring 2007: 11,780

Fall 2007: 13,217

Spring 2008: 13,179

Fall 2008: 14,450

Spring 2009: 14,678

Fall 2009: 16,715

Spring 2010: 17,208

Fall 2010: 18,767

Spring 2011: 19,258

Fall 2011: 20,452

Spring 2012: 18,115

Fall 2012: 18,115

Spring 2013: 18,216

Fall 2013: 18,684

Spring 2014: 17,138 

Fall 2014: 17,138

Spring 2015: 16,624

Fall 2015: 16,520

Spring 2016: 15,975

Fall 2016: 15,455

Spring 2017: 14,331

Fall 2017: 14,240

Non-Credit/Professional Development

About 15,000 students are enrolled in courses designed for workforce development and continuing education. 


Female: 68%

Male: 32%


24 and under: 48%

25 and over: 52%

Average age: 27