English Placement

There are two courses into which a first-year student can place: 

    1. English Composition I (ENGL 101)—3 lecture hours, no lab hours, 3 credit hours [LCCN: CENL 1013]
      Introduces students to the critical thinking, reading, writing and rhetorical skills required in the college/university and beyond, including citation and documentation, writing as process, audience awareness, and writing effective essays. Prerequisite(s): Grade of “C” or better in ENGL 099 or equivalent; grade of “C” or better in ALIT 099; minimum Next-Generation Accuplacer Writing score of 250; minimum Accuplacer Sentence Skills score of 86; ACT score of at least 18 in English; or DIP score of at least 13. This is a transfer-level English course.
    2. Intensive English Composition I (ENGL 110)-6 lecture hours, no lab hours, 6 credit hours [LCCN: CENL 1013]
      Introduces students to the critical thinking, reading, writing and rhetorical skills required in the college/university and beyond, including citation and documentation, essay writing as a process, and audience awareness. In addition, this course provides an intensive grammar review. This is a transfer-level English course and is equivalent to English Composition I.

[Note: Beginning in Summer 2023, Delgado Community College will no longer offer Academic Literacy (ALIT 099).]

How does English Composition I (ENGL 101) differ from Intensive English Composition I (ENGL 110)?

While both ENGL 101 and ENGL 110 fulfill the English Composition I requirement for an Associate Degree and are transferable to four-year institutions, ENGL 101 is a three-credit-hour course that requires proof of placement (ACT score, Accuplacer score, and/or previous placement into an equivalent course at another institution).

ENGL 110 is a six-credit-hour course that does not require proof of placement. In addition to the traditional English Composition I (ENGL 101) curriculum, the course includes a three-hour studio component that offers support in reading, writing, and critical thinking to help students who do not place into ENGL 101 succeed in transfer-level English coursework.

Which course should you take?

Students without current placement test scores or who have not previously taken a college-level English course must enroll in Intensive English Composition I (ENGL 110). Students who have attempted ENGL 101 previously may also choose to take ENGL 110 to receive the additional support in reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Students who have previously enrolled in ENGL 101 or have proof of placement (ACT or Accuplacer scores) may enroll in ENGL 101. Students who have completed developmental coursework at Delgado or another institution may also enroll in ENGL 101.

Can a student bypass the 6-credit-hour Intensive English Composition I (ENGL 110) course and enroll in the 3-credit-hour English Composition I (ENGL 101) course?


Students without previous college English courses or placement scores may test into the English Composition I (ENGL 101) using the Accuplacer test, which is offered at the Delgado Testing Center.

Students with prior college English courses or placement scores may provide any of the following to the English Department for evaluation using the Override Portal:

  • College transcripts 
  • ACT or Accuplacer scores (less than 3 years old)

Students without prior course work or test scores can take the Delgado In-House Placement in English (DIPE) questionnaire, which asks about previous writing and reading experience.

There are three placement options for your English classes at Delgado:

Option 1-Placement in Intensive Composition I (ENGL 110)

You may register for ENGL 110 without test scores or transcripts.

This option is for: Students who do not have documentation of placement and who do not want to take a placement test.

What to Do Next: Register for Intensive English Composition I, a 6-credit-hour course
that fulfils the English composition I requirement while providing additional support.

Option 2-Short Questionnaire

This option is for: Students who are self-reflective and will honestly answer questions about their previous experience in English classes and their reading and writing skills.

What to Do Next: Take the questionnaire by clicking here. You will need your Student ID number (L#) to submit the form. Upon completion of the questionnaire, you will be sent an email explaining your next steps. There is no fee to take this questionnaire. PLEASE NOTE: You can only take the questionnaire ONCE.

Option 3-Test Scores

This option is for: Students who either have current ACT scores (within the last three years) or NG Accuplacer scores or are confident standardized test takers.

What to Do Next: 
If you have current ACT scores, have them sent to the College and meet with an advisor to discuss placement. If you are a confident test-taker, register to take the NG Accuplacer test here. There is a $15 fee to take this test. (If you have taken the NG Accuplacer at another college, bring a copy of your test scores when you meet with your academic advisor.)