Workforce Development and Technical Education

Delgado's Workforce Development and Technical Education Unit seeks to promote personal, professional, and economic development through initiatives designed to maintain a skilled workforce, and enhance the quality of life on local, regional, national, and international levels. The Workforce Development and Technical Education Unit is designed to provide customer driven assessment and training programs as an inducement to secure new value added businesses to our region, to respond to permanent closures and layoffs, and to provide existing businesses with the necessary training for expansion.  This Unit will also serve as a forecasting mechanism for industry growth by providing leadership to the business community in identifying and training for emerging workforce trends and technologies. Through these comprehensive initiatives, Workforce Development and Technical Education approach will allow employers to retrain, upgrade, and attract a skilled workforce pool to our region.

Workforce Development also offers continuing education and noncredit programs. Through these programs, the unit developed the following three distinct clusters to meet the needs of our community: corporate training, lifelong learning, and global view learning. Corporate training programs are offered for individuals and businesses. The Lifelong Learning Cluster includes both personal enrichment and art courses and is designed for personal development in order to enhance the quality of one's life. The Global View Learning cluster offers courses in the Languages and English for speakers of other languages. Noncredit students are awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for each course successfully completed. The Continuing Education Unit is a nationally accepted unit of measurement. The earned CEUs become a part of the student's permanent records and are often used by employers as a means of evaluating professional development.

In summary, the Workforce Development and Technical Education Unit offers:

Corporate, Community and Continuing Education

  • Incumbent Worker Training
  • Intensive Services (Jefferson Business and Career Solutions Center)
  • Workforce Investment Act - Individual Training Accounts (WIA-ITA)
  • Youth Occupational Skills Training (YOST)
  • Regional Collaborative Initiatives

Continuing Education and Professional Development

  • 2D Graphics             
  • Computer Skills and Office Skills   
  • Food & Beverage            
  • History & Related
  • Languages & Communication    
  • Louisiana Insurance Academy   
  • Photography & Related
  • Youth Programs & Camps

Maritime, Fire, Radar, and Industrial Training

  • Fire Fighting Training
  • Safety Training
  • United States Coast Guard - Approved Radar Courses
  • Full Mission Bridge Simulator Courses