Office of Grants Development

About the Office of Grants Development (OGD)

Delgado Community College seeks to provide a learning environment that promotes the personal, intellectual and professional development of all members of the College community. To this end, the Office of Grants Development (OGD) encourages, assists, and supports faculty and staff who are seeking sponsorship for, or are engaged in, a broad range of externally funded projects.

The Office of Grants Development is responsible for identifying potential funding sources and communicating such information to the faculty and maintaining contacts with potential sponsors. In addition, the OGD is responsible for proposal processing, ensuring prior to submission that proposals conform to all agency requirements, that the proposed financial arrangements are correct and consistent with the regents and College’s requirements, and that special commitments have had prior internal review. OGD is the keystone for grant and sponsored program administration, functioning as the liaison between the funding agency, faculty member, and other College offices and departments.

Pre-Award Activities

Information and Communication

  • Disseminates information to external agencies
    • Re: the College's research-related capabilities
    • Re: faculty research/ scholarly, educational and service interests
  • Searches for grant opportunities and distributes to faculty and staff
  • Interprets policies/procedures of governmental funding agencies
  • Presents workshops for faculty and staff 

Proposal Development

  • Assists in obtaining appropriate guidelines and forms
  • Assists faculty and staff with developing proposal text and budgets
  • Provides institutional data for inclusion in proposals, as needed 

Administration of Delgado Community College's Clearance Procedures

  • Manages the College's clearance process
  • Reviews all proposals for compliance with College policy and applicable regulations
  • Transmits proposals to external agencies

Post-Award Activities

  • Informs principal investigators
  • Terms of awards
  • Conditions of awards
  • Coordinates with the College's Office of Financial Services
    • Sets up grant accounts through the College's Office of Restricted Funds
    • Obtains account numbers through the College's Office of Restricted Funds
  • Negotiates and prepares subcontracts
    • From College awards to other institutions
    • From other institutions to the college
  • Coordinates submission of final reports