Student Grievance Procedures

College Process

Students are encouraged to resolve complaints informally and use the formal student grievance procedure as a last resort. The online Student Complaint Form is available on the College’s website. A student wishing to file a complaint should submit the form and follow the instructions contained in the College’s policy on Student Grievance Procedures. If the student’s complaint is not satisfied through the established mediation procedures, as applicable, the student may have the option to continue with the College’s formal student grievance process.

State Agency Contact and Complaint Information

Louisiana Community and Technical College System 

Students who have a complaint about the College may contact the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, the authorized state agency to address complaints regarding LCTCS institutions, which may be contacted at (225) 922-2800 or visit the LCTCS website.

Louisiana Board of Regents

For academic degree-granting institutions, Louisiana Board of Regents relies on the Consumer Affairs Division of the Attorney General’s Office, which may be contacted at Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-351-4889, or visit the Attorney General's Office Consumer Disputes page.