TechTrek12 Coding Academy

­­­­­Delgado Community College TechTrek12 Coding Academy is a collaborative project between DCC, Lamar University and is supported by the Apple Community Education Initiatives team. The goal of the initiative is to help prepare teachers to bring coding, creativity and community connected learning experiences to Houston area K-12 schools. Through training academies, selected educators will receive support to develop and implement a plan to integrate coding into their programs using Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code, and build curriculum based on iOS Intro to App Development and iOS App development with SWIFT.

Faculty from Digital and Information Technology, Computer programming at Delgado Community College will be supporting the project by coaching elementary and middle/intermediate schools as well as co-teach with high school teachers as desired.

Teacher Benefits:

  • Participate in comprehensive yearlong professional learning program
  • Earn badges and certifications along the way
  • Earn up to nine graduate credits with successful completion of the coursework with no cost to the educator
  • Receive necessary hardware/software to deliver coding and creativity experiences to learners

Teacher Requirements:

To participate in this program, teachers must agree to meet the requirements listed below:

  • Commit to participation in professional learning opportunities including the following mandatory events/training sessions:
  • Virtual orientation event/s
  • Summer online professional learning to build foundational skills
  • Virtual Coding Academy
  • Participate in Lamar University Fall and Spring Courses
  • Teach coding at your institution during the Spring 2021 Semester
  • Other online meetings as needed
  • Develop and implement a plan to integrate coding into their programs/curriculum using the Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code curriculum, and facilitate community app challenges through Challenge Based Learning principles.
  • Organize and facilitate a showcase for students to present their projects to the community.
  • Document the work in your classroom/learning environment and create a final presentation to be shared at a culminating spring event.


Summer 2020

  • July 13-24: Summer Online Professional Learning (Synchronous and Asynchronous)
  • July 28-July 30, 2020: Virtual Coding Academy

Fall 2020

  • August-December, 2020: Fall online course with Lamar University
  • November 2020: Course Integration Plan Due

Spring 2021

  • January 2021: Integration of curriculum classes, courses, clubs begin
  • January-May 2021: Spring online course with Lamar University
  • Spring 2021: Community App show case event
  • Spring 2021: Innovation Plans and Pitches

Any questions regarding participation in the program should be directed to:

Taunya Stewart (MBA/PM), IT Project Manager, Workforce Development

Educator Application:
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