Adult Education

What is Adult Education?

We teach and coach adults as they develop academic and workplace skills to support their pursuit of individual goals.

Everyone should have access to education at a time and place that is right for them because it improves economic and social outcomes in our community. 

We are a free, open enrollment program that offers a variety of courses designed to help you to earn a high school equivalency diploma, get ready for college, improve your English language skills, or become prepared for the workplace. Whether you’ve recently left school or have been out of class for years, our program works with students of all skill levels and ages to advance their education and accomplish their academic and professional goals. With classes available either online or at multiple locations throughout the region as well as sections that meet in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, most students are able to find a class schedule that works. And with nearly 80 qualified instructors and tutors, the Adult Education Program is ready to help any students continue their education and career!

What are you interested in?

Earning my High School Equivalency Diploma (HiSET)

Increasing my math, reading, and/or writing skills

Working on my English language skills (Trabajando en mis habilidades del idioma Inglés).

Preparing for college and career.

How do I register?

You can now register online! Visit

Note: Students must be 16 and older to register. Students who are 16 and 17 should contact our office at (504) 671-5434 about special registration requirements.