Allied Health Division

Delgado Community College offers many Allied Health programs. Allied Health professionals are one part of the healthcare team that must interact with other medical professionals to provide the best healthcare practices. 

Allied Health professions encompass a broad group of health professionals who use scientific principles and evidence-based practice for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic diseases; promote disease prevention and wellness for optimum health, and apply administration and management skills to support health care systems in a variety of settings.

Delgado Community College sends graduates into the Allied Health workforce with all of the skills necessary to achieve a rewarding career. Estimates have suggested that as much as 60% of the U.S. healthcare workforce may be classified as Allied Health. Allied Health plays an essential role in the delivery of healthcare and related services in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Allied Health Programs have selective admission policies, procedures, and requirements which supersede general college policies in the catalog and student handbook. Please review specific program requirements which include technical and ethical standards.  You can contact Allied Health faculty and staff with any questions.