School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

In keeping with Delgado's Mission Statement, the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) prepares students to become knowledgeable citizens who can apply the principles of the Scientific Method in their lives. The school is also dedicated to keeping up with the latest technical trends and preparing students with modern skill sets most sought out by the computer and engineering industries.

School Highlights

  • The Geology Department acquired a state-of-the-art Emriver stream table for the Geology lab.
  • Newly renovated Biotechnology and Chemical Technology laboratories contain over $2,000,000 of top tier research equipment.
  • The Computer Network Technology Department upgraded networking lab equipment to allow the CNET Department to teach industry standard Cisco Network Academy content.
  • The Computer Information Technology Department has a newly approved Fast-Forward Dual Enrollment pathway.
  • NASA AstroCamp official collaborative partner.
  • Member of the Louisiana Space Grant Consortium.

Message From The Dean

Raymond Duplessis Headshot

Welcome to the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at Delgado Community College! 

We at the School of STEM are a vibrant and innovative community who believe in the life-changing power of education and the boundless opportunities that lie within the realms of STEM. Our faculty members are authorities in their fields, committed to nurturing your curiosity, igniting your passion, and equipping you with the skills necessary for success in today’s ever-evolving world.

As you embark on your academic journey with us, you will discover a variety of programs and initiatives that encourage exploration. Whether you are preparing for a career in biotechnology, chemical technology, health sciences, information technology, or cybersecurity or beginning your path to a four-year institution using our extremely affordable, highly transferable Associate of Science transfer degree, our robust curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities will provide you with an environment conducive to learning and discovery. Furthermore, our commitment to inclusivity and diversity ensures that all students feel welcome and supported, irrespective of their background or identity. 

I am dedicated to fostering an environment that prepares our graduates to become successful in their careers and educational endeavors. I invite you to explore our website, connect with our faculty, and join us in shaping the future through STEM education.

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College Departments

Department of Biological Sciences

Amanda Rosenzweig, Chair
Sara Strickland, Assistant Chair
Michael MacCurdy, Assistant Chair


  • Louisiana Transfer A.S., Biological Sciences Concentration
  • Science Laboratory Technology, A.A.S., Biotechnology Concentration

Department of Mathematics and Data Sciences

Eboness Williams, Chair
Alyssia Dayries-Sam, Assistant Chair
Philip Reppel, Assistant Chair

Department of Computer Information and Engineering Technology

Cheryl Brown, Chair
Alex McMillen, Chair


  • Cloud Computing, A.A.S.
  • Computer Information Technology, A.A.S., Programmer Analyst Concentration
  • Computer Information Technology, A.A.S., Web Design Concentration
  • Computer Information Technology, A.A.S., Game Design Concentration
  • Computer Information Technology, A.A.S., Information Security & Assurance Concentration
  • Computer Network Technology, A.A.S.
  • Electrical-Electronics Engineering Technology, A.S.
  • Electronics Service Technology, A.A.S., Biomedical Equipment Repair Concentration
  • Electronics Service Technology, A.A.S., Computer and Electronics Repair Concentration
  • A+ Certification, C.T.C.
  • Application Programming, C.T.C.
  • Cloud Computing Foundations, C.T.C.
  • Computer and Electronics Service Technology, C.T.S.
  • Computer Network Technician, C.T.S.
  • Information Technology Support, C.T.C.
  • Information Security/Assurance, C.T.C.
  • NET+ Certification, C.T.C.
  • Web Programming, C.T.C.
  • Web Site Design, C.T.S.

Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences

Diondra DeMolle, Chair
Dr. April Noble, Assistant Chair


  • Louisiana Transfer A.S., Physical Sciences Concentration
  • Science Laboratory Technology, A.A.S., Chemical Technology Concentration
  • Wastewater Collection Operator, C.T.C.
  • Wastewater Treatment Operator, C.T.C.
  • Water Distribution Operator, C.T.C.
  • Water Production Operator, C.T.C.
  • Water Treatment Operator, C.T.C.


  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Science
  • Physics