Water and Wastewater Technology

What is the Water and Wastewater Technology Program?

The Water & Wastewater Technology Department of Delgado Community College offers a unique opportunity to prepare students to enter the water and wastewater operator field. The program provides students the necessary fundamental math skills and science knowledge to work in the water operations field. The program focuses on providing students with a smooth and relatively fast entry into the water operator workforce by:

  • Preparing the student for the State of Louisiana certification exam
  • Providing facility tours in conjunction with our industry partners
  • Matching our students with internship and employment opportunities

Prepare For and Take the State Certification Exams at Delgado

We offer preparation courses for the State of Louisiana Certification exams of the four mastery levels of Water Production, Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection, and Wastewater Treatment. The State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and Delgado Community College have partnered to provide the state certification exams on-site after the end of the semester. 

Career Ready

A college degree, while desirable, is not required for employment.The wages and benefits are good and there is potential to move up the ranks over time and increase your income. Employees can earn up to $15.00 per hour for water operators and up to $18.00 per hour for wastewater operators based on your level of experience. Your job is secure in the water and wastewater operator field.  Our industry partners have an immediate need to replace an aging workforce. We help coordinate efforts to place our successful students in available jobs and internships at their facilities.

Course Offerings

Each course corresponds to the State of Louisiana exam topic and level.

Water Production Operator

Water Treatment Operator

Water Distribution Operator

Wastewater Collection Operator

Wastewater Treatment Operator