Biological Sciences

The Delgado Biology Department provides services and support for other Delgado programs and students such as Allied Health and Nursing, as well as providing a foundation in biological sciences that can be continued at a four-year university. Biology classes at Delgado are designed to provide students with the background, foundation, and introductory scientific experience to prepare students for further study in their majors. Delgado has diverse faculty members, who use a variety of teaching techniques to accommodate different learning styles.

The department offers online, hybrid, and traditional face-to-face courses. Multiple sections of laboratory and lecture courses are available to accommodate busy students’ schedules. The Biology Department maintains the Science Resource Lab at the City Park Campus, which provides tutoring, study space, models and equipment for students to use at no additional cost. The Biology Department also offers unique opportunities to receive credit through volunteering at the Audubon Zoo, educational trips to Costa Rica, several courses that include service learning, several honors courses, and membership in the Delgado Biology Club.

Most private and public institutions in Louisiana and many other schools in the country accept biology credits from Delgado. Students will need to check with these schools to determine if the courses will transfer as part of their science curriculum or as electives. Students may also be eligible for direct transfer to a four year program.

In addition to career paths in Allied Health and Nursing, students earning an Associate of Science degree with a concentration in biology can find employment in positions such as plant science technician, genetic engineering technician, bionic medical technician, aquaculturalist, fish and wildlife technician, park ranger, and assistant zookeeper.