Report a Safety Concern

Your Safety Matters

The Office of Safety and Risk Management encourages employees to report any potentially unsafe condition that is observed! These may include health and safety risks such as trip and fall hazards, fire safety risks such as faulty wiring or equipment, environmental concerns such as pest control, improper disposal of chemicals, indoor air quality concerns, and any condition that causes concern. 

How to Report a Concern

The College uses a database to collect, address, and monitor any safety concerns reported through the Emaint system. Include and describe in detail the problem type and make sure to include your contact information to ensure your safety concerns are addressed.

Important: Emaint should not be used to report a situation that requires immediate attention. For Emergencies, contact the Delgado Campus Police at (504) 671-6111.

Next Steps 

Maintenance-Related, Pest Control, or Chemical Disposal Concerns will be immediately assigned to the appropriate Facilities staff member.  You will be contacted for more information to assist the team in mitigating any potential risk. 

Air Quality and Unknown Substance Concerns will be assigned to the Safety and Risk Manager who will respond quickly and perform a condition assessment immediately. A determination of the cause of the indoor air quality issue or the nature of the unknown substance is made, and necessary corrective action to eliminate the problem is taken as applicable. This may include remediation to remove the substance and cleaning or removal of contaminated building materials, based on the determination. See the College's Harmful Exposure Prevention Program policy for more information.