Technology Training

The Office of Information Technology facilitates basic software training for commonly used applications such as Microsoft Office and Windows.  Cybersecurity training is the latest addition to our expanding knowledge base. Click on the below links for an overview of the latest features and functionality along with a detailed description of every application.   

Adobe Sign

Free Adobe Sign tutorials can be accessed by clicking on this direct link:

Cybersecurity Awareness

 Microsoft Virtual Office Hours

Microsoft has graciously offered to host virtual office hours every Wednesday and Friday from 2pm-4pm (CT) over the next few weeks. You will have the ability to reserve a 30-minute, one-on-one virtual session with a Microsoft representative. To do so, simply click on this link: 

Microsoft Teams

Instructor-led training for Microsoft Teams

These live sessions require Registration (free) and are continuously updated with new training dates:

  1. Say hello to Microsoft Teams (Audience: All):
  2. Get started with Teams (Audience: End Users): //
  3. Run effective meetings with teams (Audience: End Users):
  4. Explore teams and channels in Teams (Audience: End Users):
  5. Learn to use apps in Teams (Audience: End Users):
  6. Learn how to take Teams to the next level (Audience: End Users):
  7. Teams for Education – Webinars (Audience: Staff, students, academics, research faculty, IT professionals:
  8. Empower your Firstline Works with Teams (Audience: Business decision makers, IT decision makers):
  9. Master working from home with Teams (Audience: End users, team and department managers):

Microsoft Teams video training: 2-3-minute videos that offer an introduction to each of the following topics with instructions to practice the feature topic:

Teams on Demand: A collection of YouTube Teams Training videos that offer deep-dive into the following topics:

  1. Say hello to Microsoft Teams:
  2. Get started with Microsoft Teams:
  3. Run effective remote work meetings with Microsoft Teams:
  4. Learn tips for taking Microsoft Teams to the next level – Part 1:
  5. Learn tips for taking Microsoft Teams to the next level – Part 2:

What's New in Office 365

  • What’s new in Office 365: As an Office 365 subscriber, you regularly get new and improved Office features. Take a look to see what's available for your Windows Desktop, Mac, iOS (formerly iPhone, iPad and iPod OS), Android and Windows Mobile.

Quick Start Guides


Campus Use of OIT Training Lab

The OIT Training Lab is available on a limited basis to Delgado faculty and staff for training activities in which OIT is not directly involved. The seating capacity is 24. The lab is available for reservations between the hours of 8:00am4:30pm, Monday through Friday. See the Campus Use of OIT Training Lab for information about reserving and using the lab.

If you have any technology related issues, please contact the OIT Helpdesk at (504) 671-5500, Monday through Friday, 8:00am4:30pm.