Parking Fees

Permit/Decal Fees

Faculty and Staff

First Two Vehicles - No fee

Additional Vehicles - $20 each subsequent vehicle

Credit Students

Semester/Session Permit - No additional fee (covered by Access Fee)

$10 Second Vehicle (only one allowed) 

Temporary Single Semester/Session Parking Permits

Dual- and Cross-Enrollment Students - $30
(These students are not assessed the Access Fee.)

Non-Credit Student, Adult Education Student, or Fitness Center Community Parking Permits - $15

All Other Temporary Permits and Visitor Parking Passes

No fee

Replacement Decals

No fee for change of ownership, loss of vehicle or destruction of rear windshield due to accident. Documentation required for replacement decal.

Fines for Parking/Traffic Violations

$40.00 - Running Stop Sign

$80.00 - Parked in Handicapped Space

$80.00 - Parked in Visitor Space

$35.00 - Vehicle Not Displaying Valid Decal/Permit (Not Registered)

$35.00 - Parking in “No Parking” Zone

$25.00 - Student Vehicle in Faculty/Staff Area/Zone

$25.00 - Parked in Wrong Zone

$35.00 - Parked in Unauthorized Area (Lawn/Sidewalk, etc.)

$35.00 - Blocking Other Vehicles

$35.00 - Parked in Reserved Space

$80.00 - Parked in Fire Zone

$55.00 - Parked in Roadway

$80.00 - Failure to Obey Delgado Police Officer

$40.00 - Parked in Two Parking Spaces

$15.00 - Other Violations (will be identified on Traffic Citation)

$10.00 - An additional $10 fee may be added for repeat violations.