Determined Dolphins

Chris Headshot with dolphin iconChris McDonald

Assistant Professor / Ford ASSET Instructor
Delgado Community College

As a 2006 Delgado graduate, I know what it feels like to be a college student during a time that is less than ideal for traditional learning. After Hurricane Katrina, we had to evacuate for three weeks and when we returned, many businesses were closed, the city was pitch black at night while helicopters were constantly flying overhead, and our Delgado classes had to be relocated to another location to enable us to try to graduate on time. If there is anything I have learned in life, it is overcoming challenges makes you a stronger person. Anything worth doing is never easy, so keep pushing forward until you reach your goal. Don’t let anything stop you. Good luck Class of 2020.

Nelcia Headshot with dolphin icon

Nelcia Alexis, MSN, BA, RN-BC

Practical Nursing Instructor
Delgado Charity School of Nursing

In Fall 2005, I was entering my final semester at Delgado Charity School of Nursing. School had been in session for about week. This was a triumphant time for me. I was closer to my dream of being an RN. I had been an LPN since 1995. I was in an accelerated program where it took only two semesters (after pre-requisite college courses) to become a registered nurse. Hurricane Katrina came and I thought my dream would be deferred. I evacuated to Dallas, TX. I was determined to finish RN school in December 2005 as planned. With the clothes on my back, I found a school that would accept me. The program was similar to Charity’s but they required more classes. I went to a shelter that night to sleep and started class the next morning. The students in the class heard of my unfortunate circumstances. That morning I was welcomed with books, school supplies, bed linens, uniforms, clothes, and most of all, HUGS. I completed RN school as planned. It was a rough time filled with uncertainties. But I did it. I returned home to graduate at Delgado in May 2006.

Paul Headshot with dolphin icon

Paul Wineski

Class of 2006
Delgado Community College

Class of 2020,

In times of disaster or crisis, academics may seem like an afterthought. Luckily for us, academics provide a sense of normalcy or consistency when life is anything but. If I could think of one piece of advice to give to you, it would be a quote from the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius: ‘The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.’ What will you do when faced with adversity? You must find a way to turn a negative into a positive. Good luck with the rest of your semester.

Kyle Headshot with dolphin icon

Kyle Beerbohm

Class of 2006
Delgado Community College

As a member of Delgado’s Class of 2006, I can relate
to what you are going through. I was a pitcher on the Delgado baseball team for two years—before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. Based on my and my teammates’ experiences, I offer you this advice: control what you can control. Things are different right now, but use this time to take care of yourself, make yourself better, and focus on what you can do to be ready when things return to normal. Delgado was built by people who didn’t make excuses...use this opportunity to be ready to take your
chance when it comes your way.