Blue Bikes

female on blue bikeBlue Bikes is a great way to get to and from the Delgado Community College City Park Campus, with a station conveniently located at Toulouse and City Park Ave. Delgado Charity School of Nursing's Campus is also accessible by Blue Bikes, with a station at Gravier and Bolivar. Blue Bikes can be unlocked through the app, Blue Bikes Nola. In the app, you can find information on the three payment options in the Pricing and Membership tab. These include:

  1. Blue Bikes For All, which is a $4 monthly membership for folks that use SNAP or Medicaid and includes 60 minutes of riding each day. 
  2. Monthly Membership, which is a $25 membership that includes 60 minutes of riding each day. 
  3. Pay As You Go, which consists of a $1 unlock fee plus $0.15 per minute while riding.

Interested in becoming a Blue Bikes For All member and riding Blue Bikes to class? Use your Delgado email address to set up a Blue Bikes account in the app today! Check out the Blue Bikes website for more information on memberships and how to download the app:

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