Payment Plans

We've made paying for tuition easier!

Enroll in a tuition payment plan to pay your tuition in a more manageable installments. The payment plan provides many benefits to those who enroll.

Gives you more time.

Make installment payments over time. 

  • Monthly Installment Plan - Payments are due on the 15th of each month.
  • Bi-Monthly Installment Plan - Payments are due on the 1st and 15th of each month. 

Allows you to avoid high interest rates.

Tuition Payment Plans only charge one low fee of $30 at enrollment.*

Makes life easier.

Set up a plan to cover your entire bill, or just the balance left after financial aid.

  • Streamlined enrollment process to ensure your account is set up properly.
  • Initiated by you, with option to invite a parent or relative to complete the plan.
  • Payments conveniently made electronically.
  • Easy access to manage your account online.

Delgado's Online Payment Plan

Delgado has an established contract with a third-party vendor, CashNet, to provide a payment plan to help ease the burden of paying for college. This plan allows students to pay for tuition and fees through installment payments throughout the semester/session. The number of installments is determined by the date of enrollment and the final payment due date.  The first payment is due upon enrollment along with a non-refundable enrollment fee of $30. This rate is set by and paid directly to the vendor. Other fees may apply. Please read all Terms and Conditions when enrolling in plan. Partial payments made outside of the payment plan will not secure classes from a purge for non-payment.

Click here to watch a short video on the benefits of payment plans and enrollment steps!

How to Enroll in the Payment Plan:

  • Login to LoLA (Delgado’s online student portal) – Sign in with user name and password.
  • Under the Self Service Section, Click on Delgado Community College (Do not click on the tabs at the top).
  • Click on Student.
  • Under my account, select "Payment/Payment Plan Processing" - This will direct you to the online payment gateway below where you can view your account, make a payment, set-up a payment plan.


Note:  Before you begin, you must first ensure that the site (the website for Delgado’s third-party payment processor) is a trusted site in your browser list. You must also disable any popup blockers that your browser may be using.  Failure to do either of these may result in you receiving a “page not found” or similar error.

* An enrollment fee will apply and other fees may apply. The Cashnet Full Service Payment Plan is administered by Higher One, Inc. dba as Cashnet, a Blackboard Inc. company. The enrollment fee is considered a finance charge which is defined by federal regulations as “the cost of consumer credit as a dollar amount.” To make it easy for consumers to compare this cost to other forms of credit, Cashnet provides the equivalent annual percentage rate (APR), which takes into account a number of variables, including the number of payments, the term, and the principal amount. APR limits may be subject to applicable state laws.