Career Exploration

green background with black sillouette of a person looking at 3 different pathways with arrows. Text - Find Your WHY. Delgado logo Career ExplorationExplore Your Career: Find your Why

With a FREE career exploration assessment!

By completing the career exploration assessments before you enroll, you will be able to identify at least 3 career pathways that would be a good fit for you. You will match your career choice to a Delgado program of study. 

You will understand the labor market for your career options

  • Job growth in the field
  • If your career has a bright outlook
  • If your career is a green job
  • Salary information

Focus 2 Career

Focus 2 Career is the product we use to complete the career assessments. This is also where you can find salary, job growth, educational pathways, and the Delgado program of study that matches your chosen career.

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You will need to create a new Focus 2 Career account with our institution’s access code “dolphins". Complete the Work Interest and Skills assessments prior to your Career Exploration meeting.

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