Title IX Resources

Supportive Anti-Violence Resources

In support of Delgado Community College's commitment to maintaining an environment in which sexual violence is not tolerated, the following resource information is included as part of the College's Title IX Program.

Confidential Advisors

Delgado has trained Confidential Advisors who serve to aid persons involved in a sexual misconduct complaint in the resolution process as a confidential resource. See current list of Delgado Title IX Confidential Advisors.

Breastfeeding Support 

In accordance with Delgado's Breastfeeding Support Policy, the College encourages students and employees in their efforts to combine attending college or working and breastfeeding. Appropriate private and sanitary locations where students and employees can (1) nurse an infant brought in during lunch or breaks, and (2) express breastmilk to be stored for later use are available on each campus and site.

For more information on accommodations on each campus and site, see Delgado Breastfeeding Support Locations. For any questions regarding the College’s breastfeeding accommodations, please contact the Office of Health Services at (504) 671-5620.

Unplanned Pregnancies

Act 321 of the 2017 Louisiana Legislative Session provided for the adoption of the Louisiana Board of Regents' Uniform Policy on Unplanned Pregnancies. The policy provides for the dissemination of medically accurate information on Unplanned Pregnancies for entering freshmen in public higher education students. For any questions regarding resources and information pertaining to unplanned pregnancies, please contact the Office of Health Services at (504) 671-5620

Pregnant or Parenting?

See the U.S. Department of Education's Know Your Rights: Pregnant or Parenting resource for more information.