Title IX Responsible Employees


For the purposes of Title IX, a responsible employees are defined as those employees with the authority to take action and redress sexual violence, and have been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual misconduct by students and employees to the Title IX Coordinator.

All Delgado Community College employees are designated as responsible employees, with the exception of those employees who are authorized or required by law to keep information confidential by virtue of their role. Responsible employees have a duty to report incidents of sexual violence or misconduct to the College's Title IX Coordinator or other designated College official.  

Title IX requires reporting from "responsible employees," which include:

  1. Those with authority to address and remedy sex and gender-based discrimination and harassment; and/or
  2. Those with responsibility to report sexual misconduct to supervisor, Title IX Coordinator, or other designated College official; and/or
  3. Those who a student would reasonably believe have such authority or obligation; and/or
  4. All supervisors of other employees

Title IX does not consider the following as responsible employees because they are authorized or required by law to keep information confidential by virtue of their role:

  1. Confidential Advisors*
  2. Health Personnel
  3. Clergy/Pastoral Counselors
  4. Licensed Mental Health Counselors

* See current list of Delgado Title IX Confidential Advisors.

Accordingly, individuals working in the above described capacities at the College are not designated as responsible employees.

Title IX Awareness and Bystander Intervention Training 

Taking a stand and looking out for others' safety is a core value of Delgado. Committing to this value includes intervening when we observe anyone whose safety is being threatened, being harassed or is in danger of sexual assault or violence. Delgado holds its employees to a high standard of never being silent and never being passive bystanders. Accordingly, College employees receive training on reporting and disclosure of sexual assault or violence as part of the College’s sexual harassment, assault and violence prevention training. The online training fulfills the primary prevention and risk reduction program for current and new faculty and staff as part of the Campus SaVE act on sexual harassment and sexual violence to fulfill Title IX requirements. Through this training, employees also have the opportunity to better understand the impact of Title IX and the Educational Amendments of 1972 on colleges and universities, their employees, and students.