Industrial Maintenance Technology

The Industrial Maintenance Technology program prepares individuals to install, repair, and maintain industrial machinery and equipment such as pumps, motors, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and production machinery. It includes instruction in testing, adjusting, and repairing pneumatic and hydraulic systems, attaching supplemental equipment such as hoses, valves, gates, mechanical, electrical, and electronic control devices.

The general knowledge usually required in industrial maintenance is an understanding of reading mechanical schematics, mechanical applications, electric motor applications, pump systems, and safety. The correct tools and the comprehension of how to use them can be crucial for fixing potential machinery problems. Accurately reading schematic blueprints enables the technician to understand how a particular machine works. Safety is also a pivotal aspect of industrial maintenance.


Industrial maintenance technology courses are held at the River City Site.


With industrial manufacturing and other highly technological companies entering our region and the expansions of many other existing companies, the need for industrial maintenance mechanics has never been greater. Increased use of manufacturing machinery will require more industrial mechanics and maintenance technicians to keep the machines in good working order.

The average salary of an industrial maintenance technician in Louisiana is $25.79 per hour or $53,637 per year (LA Workforce Commission, Occupational Wage Data, 2016).


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Program Duration

It takes approximately 18 months to complete the Industrial Maintenance program.