Credit for Prior Learning

Get credit for the knowledge you already have!

Credit for Prior Learning (also known as "Non-Traditional Credit) is an opportunity available to students at the college to earn college credit for the stuff you already know. If you already know the content in a course you may not have to take the full class in order to be awarded credit. You can prove your knowledge by earning credit through an examination, previous study, a national certification or test, or a portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge.

Credit for Prior Learning can allow you to earn credits faster, accelerate your path to your career, and earn credits for a fraction of the price of full tuition. If you have been in the workforce for years and possess a skill, if you were in the military and received training, or if you hold a certification in your industry, then this may be for you.

These opportunities to be awarded credit are broken into different categories:

Each category has a specific policy, procedure, requirements and fees associated with it. You can find more information at Credit for Prior Learning Policies and Procedures or in the college catalog at this link: Delgado Community College Catalog: Placement and Credit.  Also, see the College's Prior Learning Assessment Matrix for additional information.