Evening and Weekend FAQs

1. Where do I find food services in the evenings?

Both the City Park and West Bank Campuses are surrounded by vibrant food and beverage options. The City Park Campus is next to several coffee shops and restaurants. Students can seek on campus vending or pop into a local restaurant to grab a bite or to study with friends. On the West Bank Campus, refreshments are available via vending machines and area food

2. What labs and support services will be open?

Computer labs are open for students on both the West Bank and City Park Campuses, and free tutoring in writing, math, and science is offered. Delgado also provides a food pantry, mental health counseling, career and academic counseling, and other services.

3. Where should I go to study in between classes?

On campus computer labs provide the technology and Wi-Fi access students need to be successful. In addition, the college library will have study rooms, academic materials, and trained staff to help you with research needs. Students can also visit local coffee shops and eateries.white male helping a black student on a computer

4. How do I find my academic program advisor?

Every program has an academic advisor who can help you choose the right classes or track. Visit Delgado’s Advising Home Page at dcc.edu/go/advising and select your campus and program to see your advisor’s contact information or visit your location’s Answer Center.

5. How do I get my textbooks?

Delgado uses a textbook program called Delgado Course Complete. Upon registering for courses, students will be automatically enrolled into the program. Learn more at dcc.edu/go/course-complete.

6. Where do I get a Delgado ID?

Delgado IDs are preloaded with credit for printing in our campus labs, and you can add funds to your ID via the Student ID Card Portal. City Park Campus students can get an ID in the Building 1 Annex, Room 123; West Bank Campus students can pick up a campus ID in the Student Life Center, Room 104.

7. What communication platforms does the College use to send messages?

Delgado Email: Every student is issued a Delgado email address to communicate with professors and access free apps.

Canvas: Canvas is Delgado’s online learning platform.

Delgado Mobile App: Delgado’s mobile app allows students to ask questions, connect with Delgado offices on the go, prescreen for Covid-19, and more.

Delgado Alert: Campus-wide emergency alerts are texted to cell phones.

8. Will parking or transportation be available?

Everyone who parks on campus, including visitors, must register each vehicle through the Delgado Online Parking Portal, request a decal, and pick it up from the Bursar’s office. Public transportation conveniently runs to all Delgado locations. Please check your area’s bus schedules for route information.

9. How is the college responding to COVID-19 concerns?

Delgado cares about your health. Review a complete description of the College’s response and resources.

10. Who do I call for after hours emergencies?

Campus Police operates 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays and school closures. For emergencies, call (504) 671-6111. For non-emergencies, call (504) 671-6112. On weekends and for calls after 10 p.m., call (504) 818-6254.