Physical Sciences

The Physical Sciences department offers a full complement of first and second year courses in Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, and Physical Science. The curriculum in the the Physical Sciences Department is crafted to support students that have a broad variety of educational goals. These courses provide students with a sound scientific foundation that will prepare them to continue scientific studies at four-year institutions or to enter the technological workforce with a strong science background.

Since January 2010, the Physical Science Department at Delgado's City Park Campus has moved to a new facility providing students with new and improved classrooms, laboratories, and innovative technology. This expansion has allowed for additional course offerings in environmental studies and astronomy.

The Physical Science Department hosts the LaACES (Louisiana Aerospace Catalyst Experiences for Students) project with the support of a two-year $500,000 grant funded by NASA through Louisiana State University and LaSpace and in partnership with the University of New Orleans and Baton Rouge Community College.