Strategic Goals and Plan 2023-2028

Why Strategic Planning is Critical

Learn why we are committed to preparing for the future of higher education while working to close opportunity gaps for historically underserved students.

Victories and Challenges

As with most things that are worthwhile, every victory comes with renewed
challenges. We are committed to ongoing strategic improvement.

Student Learning and Assessment

The goal of assessment is to relate improvements to student learning, curricula, instruction, and process efficiency using the Strategic Plan as a guide.


Support our culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We will promote the success, dignity, and worth of each individual by providing a safe and welcoming environment where open inquiry, creative ideas, and diverse experiences enrich lifelong learning.


C1-A Expanding cultural awareness of the Delgado family to build intellect and empathy among our students, faculty, and staff

C1-B Improving access to flexible course options, connectivity, professional development, and student services

C1-C Promoting timely and targeted information delivery for new student engagement, support services, academic pathways, and career readiness

C1-D Fostering student connectedness and sense of belonging through enhanced
student life and co-curricular activities


Place student achievement at the forefront of all College initiatives.

We will provide academic opportunity and support services that ensure the highest level of student success.


C2-A Providing the highest quality programs and services to reduce barriers
for college completion

C2-B Increasing communication and resources for prior learning credit

C2-C Fostering relationships with four-year institutions to enhance articulation and
transfer opportunities

C2-D Coordinating and effecting positive change through college-wide assessment and
curriculum review to support the College’s mission, vision, and strategic planning

C2-E Broadening pathways for career advancement and educational attainment for all

C2-F Advancing instructional technology, professional development, and training
to improve teaching and learning


Continue to meet head-on the needs of a changing workforce and provide
graduates who are excellently trained for career opportunities.


C3-A Growing and fostering strong relationships with industry partners, government entities, and program advisory boards

C3-B Identifying high-growth, high-demand occupations and emerging workforce demands to align with academic and continuing education program outcomes

C3-C Enhancing curricula, course design, and co-curricular activities to focus on ethics, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and professionalism for career readiness


Strengthen operations for efficiency and excellence.


C4-A Increasing internal and external communications and marketing to ensure a robust, engaging dialogue

C4-B Managing our talent through recruiting, developing, and retaining employees by promoting inclusion and belonging with engaging and rewarding practices

C4-C Using data to drive decision-making to improve institutional effectiveness and to respond to rapidly changing environments

C4-D Streamlining business practices and exploring opportunities to ensure solid revenue streams and financial stability

C4-E Maintaining safe, accessible, aesthetically pleasing facilities that affirm the College’s commitment to innovation and sustainability

C4-F Implementing responsive technology that supports the educational experience and modern college processes