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Enhance your Dolphin experience by getting involved!

"Dive in" words with water background and dolphin iconDive in and discover your community through Student Life at Delgado.

There’s so much more to college than just going to class. Many skills such as time management, problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills are learned through getting involved with student life and organizations. The Office of Student Life offers a wide variety of student organizations to join and student driven activities that can enhance your skills as well as provide networking opportunities.

Here are a few things you can dive into…

Join a club or organization and meet new people and make lifelong friends. group photo of the SGA

Attend the 3 W Speaker Series and gain a skill and/or learn something new.

Participant in campus events and activities and have some fun during your class breaks.

Be a part of an impactful community service project.

Sign up for Intramurals if you enjoy playing sports.

Join the Fitness Center and get healthier. 

group photo of the SGA

Experience a welcoming and inclusive campus community that nurtures personal growth and fosters lifelong connections.

Enjoy a game of Giant Connect Four, play ping pong or a video game!

group photo of the SGA

Come chill out, listen to the Dolphin Radio and enjoy the vibe!

Grab some lunch at the Olive tree or visit the vending machines in the Student Life Center.

…and there are so many more events around campus and services to help you succeed!


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