Recreational Sports

Delgado Cardio Crew Stay at Home PE Challenge

Mile Monday

Go for a long walk or run with your family in the neighborhood to get some fresh air. Bring the dog!

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Touchdown Tuesday

Practice throwing and catching outside with your family. Can be done with any ball. Let us see your touchdown dance!

Wellness Wednesday

Challenge yourself and your family to eat well balanced meals all day. Read food labels and learn what ’s fueling your body.

Thirsty Thursday

Drink only water, lots of it! Do you have plants at home? Water them too!

Flex Friday

How many push ups can you do? Film yourself and challenge a friend. Keep a record and try to beat your record every Friday!

female student playing volleyball

Sit up Saturday

How many sit ups can you do?  25? 50? Film yourself and challenge your friends! Try to beat your record every Saturday.

Self Care Sunday

Go outside. Limit screen time. Write down what you’re gratefull for. Reach out to a friend that brightens your day. Write down your goals for the rest of the week. Get enough sleep!