Student Life Staff


The Office of Student Life promotes a college climate that develops the whole student. We seek to create a community that is in step with contemporary issues and concerns. Furthermore, the Office of Student Life creates purposeful opportunities to foster student, faculty, and staff interaction through the development of social, cultural, multicultural, intellectual, recreational, community service and campus governance programs and activities. As a result of participation in Student Life, Judicial Affairs, and Health Services a student should be able to: 

  • Explain or demonstrate their positive impact on his or her community

  • Employ skills that demonstrate self-awareness and deepen personal mastery


Learning Objectives

Student Life, Health Services, and Judicial Affairs teach students to:

  • Lead small groups

  • Critically think and solve problems

  • Write and speak effectively in order to succeed in life after college

  • Effectively use new technologies to communicate with peers

  • Appreciate difference and seek involvement with people different from oneself

  • Choose behaviors and set goals that create a balanced environment that promotes health, wellness, and reduces stress (time manage)

  • Understand and participate in the governance and maintenance of the communities in which they are a part of


Director of Student Life and Support Services
Specialty Areas: 
Email Address: 

Assistant Director of Student Life
Amy Trainor
Specialty Areas: Student Activities, West Bank Student Government Association, Student Organizations
Email Address:

Health Services Coordinator
Brian Rosenthal
Specialty Areas: Emergency Response, Health and Wellness Education, Recreation Sports, and City Park Student Government
Email Address:

Program Manager Behavioral Intervention and Risk Assessment
Scott Borne
Specialty Areas: Judicial Affairs, Distressed Students
Email Address:

Administrative Coordinator Student Life Center Student Success Center
Laura Lindstrom
Specialty Areas: All of the above
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