Answer Center

A Delgado student is helped at the Answer Center welcome desk on the City Park Campus.The Answer Center is a central source of admissions and enrollment services for students. Services include general information on registration, advising, testing, financial assistance, admissions and navigating LoLA (Delgado’s online student portal). The Center also provides students with direct referrals to other offices and services throughout the College.

Each Answer Center includes a Welcome Desk, which is responsible for welcoming all guests, assessing the students' needs, providing general information about the college, and referring students to various student affairs departments. For entry to each Answer Center, the college uses Qless. Our Welcome Desk staff can add you to service queue or you can join by using a computer or smart phone. Learn More

Answer Center Services

Our Counselors Can

  • Help students complete their FAFSA.
  • Answer students questions concerning their next step in the enrollment and financial aid process.
  • Accept all financial aid documents and assist with the uploading of documents to the student's financial aid website.
  • Provide information to students about their financial aid eligibility and award offer. 
  • Inform students on what is needed to remove holds.
  • Process admissions applications and requirements.
  • Guide students through LoLA (Delgado’s online student portal).
  • Help students to Start Right!


QLess is a virtual wait line management service. You can add yourself to a queue to receive service without having to physically wait in line! Learn more about QLess

Welcome Desk Locations

City Park

Building 2,  West Lobby 


West Bank

LaRocca Hall, Lobby 


Sidney Collier

Building 1, Lobby