Social Media

Social media including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are important communication channels for information about Delgado.  Many thousands of people see, share, and respond to Delgado social media posts every day.

The Office of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations manages all official Delgado social media accounts. Divisions, departments, locations, offices, organizations and programs may have their own social media accounts. Please note that the College's External Communications Policy requires that any social media account that represents Delgado officially must be approved by the Office of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations. For assistance, email or call (504) 671-5562. 

Only College-sanctioned, regularly updated social media accounts will be included in this list. Be sure to review the College's Social Media Guidelines and Social Media Policy before opening or using social media accounts that contain information about the College, and to understand best practices for creating and managing social media content.


More than 24,000 people like or follow the official Delgado Facebook page.

Delgado Community College Official Facebook Page

Automotive Program


Care and Development of Young Children Program

Community Blog

Dolphin Radio

Financial Aid

Fine Arts City Park Campus

Honors Program

International Student Services


Maritime and Industrial Training Facility

Music Department

Pharmacy Technician Program

Student Recruitment and Outreach


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Writing Center


More than 2,700 people follow the official Delgado Instagram page.

Delgado Community College Official Instagram Page


Massage Therapy

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Izzy the Dolphin


More than 27,400 people follow the official Delgado LinkedIn page.

Delgado Community College Official LinkedIn Page


More than 3,900 people follow the official Delgado Twitter account.

Delgado Community College Official Twitter Page


Continuing Education

Fine Arts


Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses at Delgado

Student Recruitment and Outreach


The official Delgado YouTube channel has more than 690 subscribers.

Delgado Community College Official YouTube Channel

Student Recruitment and Outreach

Tik Tok

Student Recruitment and Outreach


Delgado Community College publishes an online blog titled Delgado's Community Blog, or Community. Community is a place where everything about Delgado comes together. To volunteer as a Community writer or content creator, please email or call (504) 671-5562. 

Community Blog