How To Pay For College

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The average annual cost for Louisiana public and private 4-year colleges is $13,063.

Delgado costs about one-third, or $4,078 annually.*

*Based on 2020-2022 data.

tuition comparison bar graph, detailed text below image

*Bar graph image above compares the tuition rate for Delgado ($3,976/year) to the average tuition rates of 4-year private colleges ($25,234/year), 2-year private colleges ($16,171/year), less than 2-year private colleges ($10,630/year), 4-year public colleges ($8,715/year), and 2-year public colleges ($4,215/year) in Louisiana.

How You Can Pay For College

Grants do not need to be paid back to the federal government and can be accessed by completing the FAFSA application. Delgado's FAFSA school code is 004626.
Learn more about Delgado’s Financial Aid Process

Types of federal grants include the Pell Grant (most popular type of grant awarded by the federal government) and the GoGrant and FSEOG. The amount you’re awarded is based on your financial need, cost of schooling, and whether you’re a part-time or full-time student.

Remember to borrow wisely, all loans must be paid back, including interest! Once you have explored all free student aid options, a loan may help you cover remaining college costs. All FAFSA-eligible students can qualify for a federal loan by completing the FAFSA application. Delgado's FAFSA school code is 004626.
Learn more about Delgado’s Financial Aid Process

Awards for Delgado Scholarships are made in the Fall term. Don’t miss out on free money! Apply at the
scholarship page. Scholarships from external organizations are also available. Awards vary by amount and application deadline. Click to see the full list.
Check with your HR department to see if your employer offers a tuition assistance option, especially if the degree youseek will benefit your current position/career!

An opportunity available to students at the college to earn college credit for the stuff you already know. If you already know the content in a course you may not have to take the full class in order to be awarded credit.

For more information on applicable programs and Delgado’s policy on credit for prior learning, visit the
credit for prior learning page.

Enroll in a tuition payment plan to pay your tuition in a more manageable installments. Payment plans are offered on a monthly and bi-monthly basis. Click to learn more.

Delgado Course Complete is our new all-encompassing, affordable textbook rental program that will provide every Delgado student with all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes and electronic book versions before the first day of class! The average student is estimated to save $150-200 on textbooks for a semester. All Delgado students will be automatically enrolled. Click to learn more.

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